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DM Group Consultant provides professional business advises and services covering Digital Marketing, Corporate Event Planning, Software Development, Developer Rotation and Software Design Consultation Services.   

How can we help you?

From small to large scale, we have the tailor-made solution for your business. Contact our staffs for DEMOs & Brochures.

Software Design Consultation

DM Group provides one-stop software design and initialization services, including: pre-application consultation, objectives evaluation, capacity, framework evaluation, future scaling, server management and hosting.

IT Development

No matter how great the idea you have, the result cannot be optimized unless with the proper tools. DM Group is a key partner to various IT service providers in HK, either you may want to have development on Mobile Apps, Web, Internal & External System.

Marketing Strategic Planning

You will find opportunities to overcome branding challenges and achieve business growth with the help of our digital strategists. We offer a systematic approach that plans, implements, evaluates and optimizes the full potential of your digital strategy.

Social Media

Our approach to social media networking takes no shortcut. We believe in the power of social media to develop brand reputation and build brand loyalty. We utilize a variety of channels to engage and expand your audience through social media networks. By down-selecting, measuring and tracking social media ROI, we bring in more leads and turn them into real sales.

Media Planning

We know how to play the game in the ever-growing digital marketing world. Our experts in media planning and buying will cater to your needs and design individually tailored digital campaigns to build your brand awareness and acquaintance. Through integrating with various media partnerships, we let the right audience spread your ideas and give you a targeted platform for pursing your greatest ambition.


The key to expanding your business is EXPOSURE. If your website isn’t ranked on the first page of Google, the reality is that you have next to NO chance of attracting new clients. Here at DM Group in Hong Kong, we are committed to lifting your website into the highest reaches of the search engine by maximising it’s exposure, increasing targeted traffic and expanding your client base.